Ari Onassis was a business partner but above all a very good friend of mine for many years until his death in 1975. It was great to know him and fantastic to be involved in his odyssey and contributes to build his empire. There are so many things that are said about Ari and by creating this blog I want to reflect the reality about him to make sure his memory is not stained by gossiping people that don't know anything about him. You can also view my website:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Aristotle Onassis Lifestyle

Ari was one of my best friends, I have spent many time with him doing business or on leisure. You will find below some of his favorite places and information on his lifestyle. There is too much places to list, I will update this from time to time but if you need to know anything else let me know.

To buy an Island (maybe near Skorpios)

To buy Onassis favorite cars (Ari liked particularily his Porsche, Rolls Royce Corniche and Mercedes Ponton)

To buy your private JET

To buy Onassis sunglasses (his private provider)

To make a cruise on Onassis yacht "Christina O"

Onassis favorite Hotels

USA - NY - Hotel Le Pierre

USA - Los Angeles - The Beverly Hills Hotel

France -Paris

France - French Riviera

Monaco - Hotel de Paris et Hotel Hermitage

Monaco - Hotel Metropole

Onassis Foundation


Europe - Greece

Switzerland - St Moritz - Badrutts Palace

England - London - The Dorchester

England - London - The Claridge

Greece - Athens - Hotel Grande Bretagne

Italy - Milan - Hotel Principe Di Savoia

Bahamas - Graycliff Hotel

Marine Artist

Onassis favorite Jewellers

Onassis favorite Delicatessen/Restaurant/Bar

Paris -

Venice - Harry's Bar - Venice - Calle Vallaresso, 1323, Venice, 30124
Phone: +39 41 528 5777
Fax: +39 41 520 8822

NY -

lONDON - Restaurant Mirabelle - 56 Curzon Street; Mayfair, London W1Y 8DL
Tel: +44-20-7499 4636;

Onassis favorite tailor

Onassis demonstrated that the combination of good taste and a great tailor (in his case the legendary Caraceni of Milan) are sufficient to overcome any physical imperfections that God bestows upon a man. Mr Onassis' elegance should bury forever the old myth that big men should avoid double-breasted suits, something that undoubtedly relates to his jacket's low buttoning point and the four-by-two or Kent button stance. It's said that the tycoon always wore a black tie because he believed the consistency ensured his clothes gave away nothing about his mood. Whatever the reason, the result is admirably simple - neo-dandies should take note. NB: this shot was taken in Paris, where Mr Onassis bought his famous statement spectacles from Bonnard and from François Pinton.

CaraceniVia Fatebenefratelli, Milan, Italy
(02) 655 1972, one of the classic Italian tailors for men, very conservative, only the most exclusive fabrics.

Onassis Favorite Watch

Onassis personal personal chef

Chef Jean-Pierre Auge became an apprentice chef in his hometown of Vatan, France at the age of thirteen. He was Aristotle Onassis chef for a long period. Chef Jean-Pierre Auge has taught cooking classes for over thirty years. He is an entertaining story-teller, and offers delicious classic French cuisine. He has a flair for elegant presentations and sophisticated recipes.

Onassis favorite designer

Casar Pinnau, he is the designer of the Aristotle Onassis yachts.

Onassis favorite lawyer

Stelios Papadimitriou (1930-2005).
Stelios worked as an independent civil law, commercial and maritime lawyer over the last 40 years. He was Aristotle Onassis’ lawyer and confidant for business and family matters from 1954 until Onassis’ demise in 1975. In addition to law, Mr Papadimitriou became involved in shipping. He was appointed CEO of Onassis shipping activities in 1970, whilst remaining Onassis’ General Counsel and Board Member in other Onassis related activities such as aviation and banking. He was later named a life member of the Board of Directors of the Alexander S Onassis Foundation. After the establishment of the Onassis Foundation (a multibillion dollar organisation and one of the largest public benefit foundations in Europe) in 1975, he was elected Secretary General. In 1992 he was elected Vice-President and shortly after became President. Under his presidency, the foundation flourished promoting Greek culture, establishing centres of excellence for Greek civilisation and providing hundreds of postgraduate scholarships internationally each year. Stelios also served for many years as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a large government hospital in Piraeus, as Counsel of large banks and as Director of insurance companies unconnected with Onassis’ interests. Sadly, Mr Stelios Papadimitriou died on Wednesday 23 November 2005. His son, Mr Anthony Papadimitriou will collect the Honorary Degree on his behalf. Our sincere condolences go to his family.

This firm represented Aristotle Onassis when he started to transform ocean shipping by building larger vessels, using Liberian registration, and other means. Shearman & Sterling continued to represent Onassis after he married the widowed Jacqueline Kennedy, helping him, for example, start and finance his Olympic Airways and defending his controlling interest in the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Finally, the law firm represented his daughter Christina in estate negotiations with his widow after he died in 1975.

Onassis favorite Casino

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